25 June 2011

Saints Row: The Third - Gunning For GTA

Most people were getting excited and speculating over all the leaked information about GTA 5. I on the other hand was over the moon when Saints Row: The Third was announced. OXM Magazine gave Grand Theft Auto IV 10 out of 10, Saints Row 2 got an 8. In my eyes this was obsurd. Yeah GTA looked stunning and created an impressive lively world, but if I had to do another chase mission across that long ass map one more time, I would of lost my mind! Very repetitive and just a bit boring really, Taking all the fun out of what made San Andreas so amazing. This is exactly what drove me to Saints Row. Similar to GTA: SA in many ways, the game is all about non stop fun. Good story, great variety of missions and a lot of creativity, Also great co-op. Now Saints Row: The Third is coming and I for one can not wait! They look to have taken everything from the last games and ramped it up to 11! I mean come on, You can beat someone to death with a giant pink dildo.. If it ain't worth buying this game for that then you are just plain crazy.

Saints Row: The Third Dev Walkthrough

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