14 August 2011

Google + Are Coming! Announces New Games Service

Here comes the big boys. It seems whatever Google wants, they get, so Facebook must be frantically looking over there shoulder when it was announced that Google Plus has rolled out its brand new games service with the creative title Google Plus Games. Okay so maybe its not that creative but you can be sure that with Google at the helm of such a powerful creation, this could not only take over Facebook but destroy it. Maybe it is a bit to soon to make such suggestions with the limited time frame Google Plus has been about but its a fair suggestion at that.

There has only been 16 games announced for the service but that does not mean the quality isn’t there. Facebook favourites Zynga Poker, Bejeweled Blitz and Angry Birds will all feature with a bucket load more to be announced in the future. Games have become a big part of Facebook in recent years with 40 year old mums having to find something to do in the day time whilst there little terrors are running around causing havoc, so it makes sense that Google would enter the party when it comes to this. Although just because the search engine giants have acquired these new games, don’t expect them to force you to play them. Google have made it very clear that they are offering this as an extra to Google Plus, when you want to play them then they are there, when you don’t, they are gone.

Google are coming and they mean business.

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