14 August 2011

Origin Required To Play Battlefield 3

With Sivi our “General PC Gamer” I thought it was best I wrote this story with as little biased opinion on how ridiculous EA have been about unleashing there new service Origin otherwise there will be very little information and just down right disgusting language, so here we go.

EA has announced that in order to play Battlefield 3 on the PC, you will be required to obtain there heavily pushed service Origin. With EA unwilling to release the game on Steam due to restrictions, it seems this is just another step in the ongoing war between themselves and Valve. DICE’S Community Manager Daniel Martos had this to say ”Origin will be required in order to play Battlefield 3 if the game is bought in retail. We don’t know whether this is true if the game is downloaded through a digital download service other than Origin, but we suspect Origin will be required no matter what.”

During Battlefield 3′s Alpha trial is was also suggested that Origin was sapping CPU power whilst running the game, although EA has said they are working on resolving this issue.

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