30 June 2011

EA Sports Sacks Andy Gray In Favour Of New Commentary Team

“Alan will bring a fresh, new perspective and insight to FIFA 12, working alongside the trusted and well-known voice of Martin Tyler,” said FIFA 12’s senior producer David Rutter. Or Alan Smith isn't a sexist bastard who is just an out n out prick. Okay maybe that's just my opinion, but its a valid opinion. Andy Gray has been sacked from Fifa 12 along with every other job he has annoyed people at for the last few years. Alan Smith will be the new voice who'll join Martin Tyler to head the commentary of Fifa 12.

Not only will there be the sexual tension of Smith & Tyler this year, You will also be treated to the wonders of Clive Tyldesley  and Andy Townsend (Replace a twat with a twat) Featuring over 10,000 lines of dialogue, you will never be without a moment of silence in Fifa 12.

"Yeah I know. Can you believe that? A female Linesman. That's exactly what I was saying, Women don't know the offside rule"

Classic, Moment of the year.

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