1 July 2011

Minecraft Update Released: List of Changes Plus Trailer

Minecraft 1.7 update has now been released by Mojang, although many fans may be left slightly disappointed as it’s unfortunately not the ‘Adventure Update’ that they were expecting. According to a recent article by John Jacques over on the gamerant.com website, the adventure update – which would ‘flesh out the game a bit’ – will be the 1.8 version instead

Version 1.7 only brings a small amount of changes compared to other Minecraft updates, with the new pistons probably being the most anticipated. The pistons will enable players to utilize the power of movement to shove up to 12 blocks, depending on the blocks’ position compared to the piston block. Gamers can also use the pistons as a floodgate, pushing lava or water in order to create a flow of liquid.

Plus a whole bunch of other stuff which the pistons can be used for, The trailer will reveal all.

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