23 June 2011

Wii U: Are Nintendo Making A Huge Mistake?

So when we saw the presentation at the Nintendo Press Conference, the stuff they were showing looked mental! Swiping videos from controller to tv, Transferring your game to the controller mid play, Hiding your tactics on the controller from your opponent on a football game... but wait a minute. Didn't Miyamoto say it is one controller per system? So who exactly are we hiding our tactics from then? The console at E3 looked to have so much potential, I mean the possibilities were endless. Although now Nintendo face a problem. If what Miyamoto is saying is true, then all that potential goes out of the window. All this thing is, is a jazzed up Wii with an extra screen. A much bigger personal DS. So there is one Wii U controller but your can attach up to 4 Wii controllers. Can you imagine this at Christmas? Trying out your brand new system but your stuck with the old crappy controllers. I can't help but think that Nintendo are making a huge mistake if they are going to go forward with the one controller per system strategy as they are alienating there family orientated market. Yes I know these things are going to be pricey, But the Wii has kind of run its course now, Hence why this announcement made so much sense. This could turn out to be more of the same though. On the plus, The console is still a year away from release so fingers crossed.


  1. Dean! Did you not know!? Nintendo don't make games anymore just consoles.... or peripherals. Nintendo come on! At least make one new game that is good...

  2. This is sadly true. I mean I can't remember the last time Nintendo announced a new IP. Its okay though because Pikmin 3 is on the way. Same old.