2 July 2011

Zoo Tycon Creators Hit By Layoffs

VG247 broke the news today that the creators of Zoo Tycoon had the unfortunate luck of enduring layoffs, Very sad news indeed.

    Andrew Groen of VG247:
The culling continues today. In the wake of layoffs at Red Fly Studios as well as the complete closure of Disney’s Blackrock Studio, we’ve now learned that Blue Fang Games has been hit with layoffs. The CEO of the company, Hank Howie, said about ten people were let go, comprising about 1/3 of the staff of the company. However, an inside source spoke to Gamasutra saying the layoffs were closer to 25 people, and comprised the company’s entire development team. The creators of the Zoo Tycoon franchise have announced today that they’ve been hit with layoffs, and inside sources claim the layoffs are even worse.

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