2 July 2011

FIFA 12 Offering Players 24 Free Gold Packs

Don't you just love getting something extra for free? A little bonus. Say when you order a 6 piece chicken nugget meal from Macdonald's, to find there are actually 7 chicken nuggets inside! Its not a lot but a little bonus, Its nice and fulfils the little part of the brain which wasn't expecting it. Although when it comes to Pre order bonuses, That's another matter. As much as I disagree with these PO bonuses, FIFA 12/ GAME offer seems to be a pretty nice little touch to anyone wanting to jump on board the Fifa ship early. If you ore-order with GAME, you'll get 24 FIFA 12 Ultimate Team gold packs (four a month over the course of six months). Pre-orders from other retailers will net you a reduced 18 gold packs (three a month over six months). Not a bad little offer ay?

Ultimate Team will be released in September as a separate download. FIFA 12 launches in North America on September 27. The rest of the world has to wait a few extra days until September 30.

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