27 June 2011

Top Valve PC Shooter Becomes Free To Play

With a Metacritic score of 9.2 Team Fortress is no slouch. In fact its one of Valves most highly rated games (Although they don't really have a lowly rate game) Yes Valve are taking Tam Fortress 2 down the Free to play route. No adverts clogging up the game, no nothing, Nadda. Keep your money in your pocket unless you want to by new weapons or some shiny headgear. Valve are charging absolutely nothing for this service but will offer gamers the chance to buy extra content via micro transactions. I have to say I am very impressed that Valve have decided to do this, It shows that they are clearly one of the greatest company's out there. Don't know what Team Fortress is all about? Check out the videos for an idea of what to expect. Just believe me when I say, Do not miss out on this fantastic offer.

Meet The Medic

Meet The Sniper

Meet The Spy

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