27 June 2011

No European Playstation Vita In 2011

Want a Playstation Vita? Can't wait till Christmas morning so you can rush downstairs, rip that wrapping paper open and get your fiddly little fingers on one? Well I have bad news for you. If CVG and VG247 are to be believed then Sony will not be releasing the PS Vita in Europe until 2012, Sure to disappoint millions who cannot wait to see if this new handheld is the real deal. It seems that us Europeans will have to look over in envy at those North Americans who will get a release before the end of the year along with the Japanese. Its a long time to wait.. Maybe a 3DS for Christmas instead.

The PS Vita is priced at £239/289 in the UK, €249/€299 for the Euro users and £249/£299 for those lucky Americans.

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