22 August 2011

The Daily Gaming Network Forum Has Now Been Born

We at Daily Gaming Network are working hard to bring you a website in which you are a massive part of it. We created this website but we want help from you to run it. This means we need to communicate to the people as easily as possible, so say hello to the DGN Forum. We decided to go for a look that is a little bit easier on the eye so the illuminated green will not make an appearance I’m afraid. This is your chance to tell us exactly what you want this website to become! When DGN was created, we had an ambition to become the alternative to original gaming websites, I’ve always thought that gaming website exclude the community and just give you information instead of included the people and seeing what they want.
Obviously the Forum has only just been created so for a while it will not be as lively as it will become but we all have to start somewhere. Sign up to the forums and take control of the community. We have plenty more features we will be unveiling over the next few days so stay tuned and give the DGN Forums a warm welcome into the world of gaming!

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