20 June 2011

Are EA Going to Run Themselves Into The Ground?

Its hard to see anyone toppling Call Of Duty and World of Warcraft at the moment. With such an incredibly large fan base with loyal users, this just doesn't seem possible. Which is why I am shocked of all the talk coming out of Electronic Arts at the moment. Its been a funny couple of years for EA. Yearly franchises generate a yearly income which they can rely on but they also tested the waters with several new IP's, Some very good ones at that. 

Games such as Dead Space were fantastic to play and were very critically acclaimed but not when it came to sales figures. Maybe this has driven EA in a different direction. I fear that they have taken a wrong turn this time. With EA so publicly gunning for Activision within the gaming market and off it, They are sailing a risky ship. 

There's no denying that Battlefield 3 looks gorgeous and the new Frostbite 2 engine gives it that depth and fluidity that Call Of Duty just doesn't have. Battlefield 3 will sell nicely but with the incredible amount of money they have spent developing this new engine to achieve the game they want to challenge and the vast amount of money spent on marketing to force COD fans to pick there game instead, If this venture fails then where does it leave them? Not only are they going after the biggest game in history but also the game with the most loyal fanbase, World of Warcraft. 

Star Wars The Old Republic is Bioware and EA's big challenger to the MMORPG crown. Its not official but if reports are thought to be true then EA have spent a staggering amount of money on developing this game. Announced some time ago, That figure is only getting larger by the day. SWTOR and Battlefield 3 won't lose EA any money. Lets not be stupid now, These are huge games that will sell, but EA's reputation could take a real beating in all this. 

What do you guys think? Will Battlefield and SWTOR sell better than Activisions Giants?

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