1 June 2011

Daily Gaming News 01/06/2011

With news scattered all around the web about various types of gaming news, Its hard to keep track of all of it. Therefore, My handy little Daily Gaming News Blog shall keep all you gamers happy keeping up to date on the most important, shocking and weirdest news that the gaming world has to offer. Here we go...

Call Of Duty Elite

Call Of Duty Subscription!! We all knew this day was gonna come sooner or later. Call Of Duty have announced there venture into a subscription based service for the franchise which will give gamers the choice of giving Activision extra cash. The service will offer Stat Tracking, Access to DLC (Presumably early?) and thats just about it so far.. Activision haven't released much more information about the service. But you can be sure that with the millions and millions of Call Of Duty fanboys sitting at home behind there mics, cursing and swearing while there mums can't hear them, That this service will have plenty of people queueing up for an extra piece of COD pie.

Playstation Vita

This is the brand new name for the recently announced Playstation NGP (Next Generation Portable) It seems that the NGP wasn't sexy enough for Sony along with the rumoured PSP2. The Playstation Vita or PS Vita looks to be the lite, flowery choice which tickled the cold nipples of Sonys breasts. It will take time whether fans will take to the new name of the NGP but it can only be said that if Nintendo can get away with the "Wii" Then Sony can get away with calling it pretty much anything.

As it is late, This will be a short blog but stay tuned for plenty Daily Gaming News and lots of E3 2011 updates, Big week ahead!

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