2 June 2011

dinkys Daily Gaming News 02/06/2011 Part 2

Batman Arkham City Character Reveal

With many top quality games being released during Q4 this year, Batman Arkham City sticks out as one of the most exciting. Rocksteady have been very generous with information on the sequel, The villain's that will be looking to make Batman's life a living hell, The open world environment of Gotham City to run around in, And now the latest little nugget. Batman's friend/foe/love interest Catwomen will not only make an appearance in the game but she will also be a playable character with her own individual skill set and upgradable features. With October getting closer and closer, Its hard to keep our massive Bat Boners from exploding all over our consoles.

Trailer can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpHHcC9-rPc&feature=player_embedded

New Playstation Vita screens leaked

With E3 just days away, Sony are preparing to blow all of our little minds with the official presentation of the PS Vita. Judging by these screens that have been leaked, The hype could well be justified. For a hand held gaming device, The screens of Uncharted and Wipeout look absolutly stunning. The question is, Even with all the impressive tech and specs.. Is it enough to survive in the ever increasing smartphone gaming world.

Fifa 12 Player Impact Engine

EA's development of the Fifa series over the last decade has definitely had its ups and downs. Being the kings of Football gaming until Konami brought out the very successful PES series. With Fifa now back on top they could rest on there laurels, But with there latest trailer, It is clear to see that EA have no intention of just churning out the same game every year. The all new Player Impact Engine is one of those improvements that could well and truly change the Fifa series and possibly football gaming forever. Player physics have been improved so much that player collision look incredibly realistic, Which could take the fluidity of the game to a whole new level.

EA's official trailer:

Impressive Leaked footage of the new engine:

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