22 June 2011

Top 10 Most Expensive Games Ever Made

Gaming is big business these days. Commanding a whole 5% of all entertainment purchases in the US last year (think about it, for every twenty dollars spent on movies, books, DVD rentals, music – anything entertainment related – one of those dollars went on gaming), the days of our hobby of choice being synonymous with children and/or social pariahs living in basements playing Dungeons & Dragons is well and truly over.
And big business also equates to big money, with some of the more recent of games sporting budgets that would make some Hollywood blockbusters balk. What have been the most expensive games of all time? Read on.

10. Killzone 2: $45 million
9. Final Fantasy XII: $48 million (FFXIII is rumoured to have cost 150% of what FFXII did)
8. L.A. Noire: $50 million
7. APB: $50 million
6. Halo 3: $55 million
5. Metal Gear Solid 4: $60 million
4. Too Human: $60+ million
3. Shenmue: $70 million
2. Gran Turismo 5 : $80 million
1. Grand Theft Auto 4: $100 million

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