21 June 2011

Arkham City's Robin revealed

Warner Bros has confirmed Robin as a downlodable character for Batman: Arkham City, and released a stylish noir render to boot. Rocksteady's Boy Wonder is a far cry from his campy TV show self, boasting fat arm guards and a mean-looking staff.
Regrettably, the Tim Drake Robin pack is currently exclusive to North American players who preorder the title at Best Buy.

Besides Robin himself, the pack contains two new Challenge levels, Blask Mask Hideout and Freight Escape, and a Red Robin character skin. Batman's favourite sidekick is also playable on the rest of Arkham City's Challenge maps, and has "his own unique gadgets and special moves" 
The publisher has yet to announce when or indeed if other territories will get access, but we're sure it's only a matter of time.

Batman: Arkham City's other surprise extra from the Batman universe is Catwoman, who takes up a significant chunk of the campaign.

Arkham City game director Sefton Hill has said he's interested working on other superhero games, both within and without the Batman license.

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