27 June 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Coming To Mac

Do you own a Mac? Do you hate your life? Well to save you tipping over the edge, heed my warning. DO NOT buy Duke Nukem Forever. If you own a Mac and kinda just hate your life, then I suggest you buy Duke Nukem Forever as a history project. A reminder of just how far games have come in 14 years. Yes Mac owners will now have the chance to own DNF along with just about every other platform out there apart from the Nintendo family. Although after 14 years I don't blame Gearbox strapping this game onto every known system to claw back every last dime spent on Duke and his lacklustre adventure. Aspyr will be producing the port, having previously worked on PC titles including Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4, Civilization V and LEGO Star Wars.

I could continue writing this article but I fear it would just end in my brain melting at the utter disappointment of the hype train. God damn you Duke!

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