30 June 2011

Mojang's Next Game Will Use Minecraft Model

Minecraft is much different from your average game -- it's essentially a sandbox world where you can create anything you want, and there have been some amazing things created from  Zelda adventure to a recreation of a Chrono Trigger area to A link to past worlds to Pokemon Kanto enormous holes to Earth... you get the idea. Its business model, too, is unusual; it was developed briefly and then released to the public long before it was finished. It began being sold while it was still in alpha and remains in beta as of today -- it won't be "officially" released until this November, more than two years after it first became available.

Developer Mojang's next game, Scrolls, differs from Minecraft both in theme (it's a card/board game hybrid) and in that it's being developed by five people, not almost entirely by one. The way it's rolled out to the public, however, will be very similar.
"With our new game, Scrolls, we'll follow the same formula as Minecraft," Mojang's Daniel Kaplan told Gamasutra at Gamelab 2011. "That means we'll release the game very early," as soon as it's playable in some capacity.
Like Minecraft, it'll be sold even in this very early stage of development. That's not something many other developers would be willing to do. It's unquestionably a model that has brought a great deal of success to Mojang -- more than 2.6 million people have bought Minecraft at one of its various price points (it was offered at a larger discount during alpha and remains 25% off the final price during the ongoing beta), and more than 8,000 purchases have been made in the past 24 hours alone.
Scrolls was announced earlier this year. Very little is known, and the only details and concept art comes from a brief description offered up on its official website. No release date has been announced. 

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