28 June 2011

Pro Evolution 2012 WENB Playtest

As you may or may not know, I am a huge lover of Pro Evolution Soccer. I would even go as far as to say that playing them games back in the day with my cousin were some of the best days of my life. PES in the PS2 days were head and shoulders above just about every other sports game at the time. Even through the dark times, my PES addiction needed to be satisfied! And believe me there were dark days (PES 2009, OH GOD!) PES 2011 was a huge jump in the right direction, giving the series hope that it could once again reign supreme in hearts of football fans everywhere. Which brings me on to PES 2012. I have to say, I have not been this excited about a game in a very long time. Such hype in my own brain has forced me to follow every single nook and cranny of PES 2012's development process. If like me you are giddy with excitement or if you are just intrigued, this article over at WENB should answer some very important questions. My hype-o-meter just went through the roof! Check the article written by Alan Curdie and tell us what you think.


If you have been following WENB’s own @Adam_Bhatti and@Suffwan on Twitter you will already be aware that today’s playtest seems to be going down rather well. Below are just some tweets that have surfaced throughout the day, with more sure to follow. Oh, and it is great to see Jon finally get that mug at last!
Suff has been positively purring over the game and these tweets in particular speak volumes:
@Suffwan – ”I have to say that #PES2012 is a fantastic game of football to play. Purity and the most advanced AI seen in a footy game. #joy”
@Suffwan – ”Intelligent runs, constant passing options, fluid gameplay and many new features we don’t even know about. #PES2012”
@Suffwan – ”It makes me smile like the PS2 days #PES2012”
@Suffwan – ”In my opinion #PES2012 is a better game than #PES5, but then again I’m Next-Gen baby!”
@Suffwan – ”Shooting better but I have given them some tips. When u get tackled now the fluidity of game not affected.”
Of course, it wouldn’t be a WENB playtest without the PES messiah and Adam has been sure to keep us briefed as well:
@Adam_Bhatti – ”Played first game. Beat Suff 4-2, Milan derby. Great match. Main thing is it’s super fluid. Wonderful ebb and flow. Now for single player.”
@Adam_Bhatti – ”Big news is, keepers are looking really good. Need animation work, but overall so much more reliable than in PES 2011.”
@Adam_Bhatti – ”Can’t describe how happy I am with keepers. Need to say still need animation work, but so much reliable. Spill less, catch more etc.”
@Adam_Bhatti – ”Also new camera angle called pitch side is awesome. Used it more than wide cam. Lower hung, great detail.”
@Adam_Bhatti – ”Detail in wide cam much better, @Suffwan reckons it’s awesome. So much detail held, but needs another lick of paint IMO”
@Adam_Bhatti – ”Estadio De Escorpiao stadium is in the build.”
@Adam_Bhatti – ”And it’s over! @Suffwan wins on pens! And yes, pens fixed! More like FIFA 10. @JonMurphy_PES, you have been served!”
Sounding very promising indeed.
One particular tweet that has caused the raising of many eyebrows in true Carlo Ancelotti fashion is this:
”Lunch time with the guys now. Btw, sort of an exclusive, saw a new mode in menu called Football Life. @JonMurphy_PES won’t say a thing tho”
We wait and wonder what Football Life will prove to be.
Remember, that this isn’t all that will be coming regards the WENB playtest. We should have written impressions and a podcast with the lads following later, so stay tuned!

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