3 June 2011

Daily Gaming News 03/06/2011 Pt 1

HD Collections

Nostalgia.. Its a wonderful thing. So when Sony released there much loved God Of War Collection last year with a sexy new HD look, Fans around the world rejoiced. Kratos showed that its not just for nostalgia value that we should delve into the back of our dusty cupboards and re play some of these classics, but that they can sometimes stand the test of time and still be relevant today. Seeing as it sold like hot cakes, It was only going to be some time before more beloved child hood memories were re-lived. The next shiny gems to get the HD Makeover is the Metal Gear Solid franchise followed by survival horror favourite Silent Hill. There is no news yet to how many games in the franchise will be released but for Konami fans, this is a wonderful thing to sink your teeth back into. With the Beautiful Japanese classic ICO and Shadow of the Colossus also in the works, Its hard to imagine why this stroke of genius wasn't thought of sooner.

Rage Trailer

Bethesda definitely hit some high notes with the Fallout franchise. One of them things sadly, was not the gameplay. At times it felt like the engine was unfinished and had aged over night. ID it seems does not share them problems when it comes to those clunky gameplay mechanics. Judging by the trailer, Bethesda looks to have a real winner on there hands in the form of Rage. In "The Well" ID and Bethesda take you into the town of Wellspring as its being terrorized by a bandit clan threatening to poison the towns water supply. The trailer shows us what type of gameplay we can expect and I for one am very expected about this September release.

Fifa 12 E3 Trailer

E3 is upon us and EA are treating us a little bit early with this brand new Fifa 12 trailer, showing of there new features. The Player Impact Engine was discussed in yesterdays blog so for more news on Fifa 12, Check it out.

Xbox History

Microsoft has announced that they have officially sold over 55 million consoles worldwide (Thanks to the red ring of death) So well done to them. This is seriously a fantastic achievement and it just goes to show that even though Sony are going through a hard time right now, Microsoft don't mind sticking up two rather large cash shaped fingers at them.

Tomb Raider Reboot

Alright. Okay. I’m not sure there’s any conceivable way that Crystal Dynamics’ forthcoming reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise could be half as arresting and gorgeous as this trailer. Tell you what, though. I’m looking forward to seeing them try. What I’m thinking, considering the first screenshots of the Tomb Raider reboot appeared back in January, the quality of this trailer, and that the game’s still slated for a release as far in the future as Q3 2012, is that Square Enix have given Crystal Dynamics a similarly sized budget. If that’s the case, this could end up something very special indeed.

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