4 June 2011

Retailer Lists Unannounced Games for the Next Few Years (Spoiler Alert)

From TheSixthAxis.com

Spoiler Alert! (Highlight are to see)

"A post over on NeoGAF appears to show listings from the system of an unknown Australian retailer across PC, console, and handheld, in the process revealing a smasgabord of as-yet-unannounced games for the rest of the year and beyond.

If this turns out to be legit, it could basically be considered a massive spoiler for next week’s E3 conference, with the listings including (DELETED FOR SPOILER PURPOSES) and a whole barrel of other rumoured releases and ports.

There are a host of pictures with a list of all the games to be released within the next couple of years so again spoiler alert, but if you want to check it out then follow the link.

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