22 June 2011

Wii U Visuals Superior to Xbox, PS3

Wii U will not only match but beat out PS3 and Xbox 360 in visual terms "for some of the games", according to Ubisoft boss man Yves Guillemot.
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When quizzed - as every developer at E3 will have been - on how Wii U compares to the other HD consoles, Guillemot replied: "I think at least [as powerful]. It should be even superior for some of the games. We don't know everything, so we have a few things Nintendo is telling us that will have such and such powers."

He goes on to confirm that the firm has had the Wii U dev kits for "quite some time", and that "from the beginning when we saw that console we were impressed by the level of quality of the experience you could get."

Guillemot is unsurprisingly optimistic of the opportunity for another capable platform in which Ubi can release its high-profile titles at little extra cost. "[Wii U] doesn't increase [development costs] very much because the advantage is in being close to the other machines, you can do the game for all the formats at the same time."

In contrast to Guillemot's statement, Ubisoft Quebec's senior technical architect Marc Parenteau told press its too early for comparisons between Wii U and the current HD platforms because developers have yet to learn their way around the new Nintendo hardware.

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