22 June 2011

Two Big Titles Set To Hit XBLA, PSN Store's Next Week

One must commend Sony and the PlayStation Store team for getting so much content out in such a timely manner in the last few weeks. A barrage of PSN titles, demos, trailers, and so much more have hit the store since it was brought back online in late May. Though some big releases haven’t hit PSN yet, Sony has confirmed a couple of games will see release next week that fans have been asking about now for weeks.
The first title confirmed to be arriving on the PlayStation Store next week is EA and Vanguard’s Gatling Gears. Gathering much praise since its release on XBLA, Gatling Gears is a unique and fun title that is designed to appeal to gamers of all ages. Delivered as a top-down shooter, the game's vivid graphics and expansive level design is great for local and online co-op play with friends.  Fans of titles like Dead Nation or Super Stardust HD should look into Gatling Gears.
Secondly, Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil HD will finally arrive on PSN next week. The wait for this title has been a very long one for PS3-only owners. Any fan of the original PS2, Xbox, or PC version of Beyond Good and Evil should put money aside to pick the title up next week when it lands on PSN.

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