19 June 2011

Killzone 3 DLC "From The Ashes" Dated

Killzone 3 is one of the harder hitting exclusives that the PlayStation 3 currently has despite receiving mixed receptions. Having been launched just a few months ago it’s no surprise that Guerrilla Games continues to support the game releasing DLC packs here and there. In fact, it was just made known that Killzone 3 will be getting yet another DLC pack dubbed From the Ashes come June 21st for $5.

From the Ashes will bring with it 4 brand new maps for the game’s multiplayer component two being dubbed Missile Base and Mobile Factory. Unfortunately neither Sony nor Guerrilla Games would comment on what the final 2 maps will be called but we’re sure to hear more as the time goes on.
If you missed out on previous Killzone 3 DLC but are looking to remedy that you’re in luck as Sony also took the time to let us know that all previous DLC will be included in a pack (along with From the Ashes) on June 21st for $10.

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